Roam Like Home Trick Can Cost Operators Scary Amounts of Money But Optimization Treat Saves Video Consumption by Up to 80%

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By Ira Stern, Senior Director of Solution Engineering

Here’s a mix of tricks and treats for Mobolize’s optimization technology on the mobile device that can help solve roaming issues and the resulting high costs for operators. Nothing scary about this solution.

Enjoy. Happy Halloween.

Customer Treats first:

Treat – customers use their phones and other mobile devices all they want when roaming because Roam Like Home allows them to pay for data like at home
Trick – operators pay for that data usage at high roaming prices

Treat – watching video is fun
Trick – operators pay high rates for video usage when their customers roam

Then the mobile operators’ bone-chilling Tricks happen. Treats are how MOBOLIZE | Optimize takes them to safety.

Trick – Deploying traditional optimization solutions throughout the operator’s network adds to hardware costs
Treat – Optimize software is on the mobile device so no hardware is required in the network

Trick – Traditional optimization solutions are time consuming to deploy
Treat – Optimize has rapid deployment because it’s on the mobile device

Trick – Getting customers to use an optimization app on their mobile device
Treat – Optimize can be embedded in a Care App or turned on when using attractive apps like Wi-Fi security

Here’s the customers’ Treats with Optimize:

Trick – 1080p looks great on the mobile device
Treat – 480p also looks great on the mobile device and saves data consumption by up to 80%

Trick – at 1080p, customers can watch 62 minutes of video
Treat – with Optimize, customers can watch 317 minutes of video

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