Mobolize On-Device Engine Benefits the Mobile Experience Today and for 5G

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO, Co-Founder

The telecom industry is at a flex point when it comes to mobile users. The advent of 5G will bring faster data delivery with less latency, but the necessity to utilize the “other” network – Wi-Fi – will not abate.

Much of the additional spectrum that many mobile operators will utilize for their increased capacity will be high-frequency which is less efficient for indoor use. (5G doesn’t go through walls very well.) The vast majority of users will continue to use Wi-Fi either at home, the office or in public places. Currently 70% of data traffic is over Wi-Fi, so customers will continue to move from their cellular connections to Wi-Fi, both now on current networks and on 5G.

Two primary issues will remain for mobile users and will become increasing important.

One is security. That nice-looking person sitting nearby at the coffee shop, airport or airplane, restaurant or sidewalk café may be hacking into user accounts when they sit near or pass by. Wi-Fi security is up to each individual user and those users are becoming more and more aware of this. Mobolize’s unique SmartVPN® is uniquely suited for both the users and the mobile operator as we use less battery and don’t break encrypted apps.

The second is keeping a good network connection as mobile users travel between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Devices often hang onto to Wi-Fi even when past the connection zone and they won’t let go until the cellular network is strong. This is a dead zone where data usage hangs, frustrating users. The solution is a smooth, seamless bond between the Wi-Fi and cellular networks that keeps the user fully connected to GPS and other applications. Mobolize has the only Wi-Fi to cellular bonding capability that is resident solely on the user’s mobile device.

So, there are two things to improve the mobile experience – good Wi-Fi security and needed bonding between Wi-Fi and cellular. All clear benefits for the end user and mobile operator.

Plus, they are easy benefits to add onto the user’s mobile phone. Mobolize is the only company that can do this because we have an on-device engine with these benefits. Providing them to users is as easy as putting the engine in a Care App or offering the benefits to end users as part of their monthly service plan. No network costs or capex required. Like an app, the user downloads the Mobolize engine or it comes installed on the phone when the user chooses the mobile operator.

Let’s see – one on-device engine easily solving two problems for today’s and the future’s mobile operators and their users. That’s smart.


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