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By Colleen LeCount, Senior VP, Global Sales and Marketing

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning the big game on Sunday. While I was disappointed not to see the Kansas City Chiefs there, I was thrilled to see our young quarterback Patrick Mahomes named as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player (MVP.) As the football season has come to a close, there are some takeaways that apply even to the mobile industry and especially to our Mobolize technology.

As we all know, to deliver winning results it takes:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Superior performance

The Mobolize team starts with strong defense in MOBOLIZE | Secure. It offers superior Wi-Fi security on the mobile device that has a few major advantages. Secure encrypts only unencrypted apps or sites. Traditional VPNs encrypt everything, which means popular apps like Hulu, YouTube and Netflix don’t work as they reject the user request as a protection against place-shifting. Our software uses a SmartVPN® that doesn’t double encrypt and automatically turns on and off when a user joins/leaves Wi-Fi networks. This smarter way to secure information lets users have access to all the data they want without draining the battery.

Another part of the Mobolize team is MOBOLIZE | Bond, which provides strong offense. Bond further enhances the Wi-Fi experience by eliminating dead zones for the mobile user. It enables a seamless handoff when moving between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and additionally can boost performance of poor Wi-Fi. That means Google Maps stays connected when you back out of the driveway, and you don’t lose connection when you order Uber/Lift then walk out of the hotel. All of this is done on the device without the need for a server – the only solution of its kind on the market. This reduces latency, ensures operators remain in control of their customers data, and significantly reduces cost.

Behind all the players, their needs to be a coach who can see and direct the game flow. This is the role of the Mobolize platform which is the foundation of all our products. Our unique on-device packet engine enables us to smartly manage data from the device without the need for integration with carrier networks and systems.

Our MVP isn’t an individual player, but the teaming of Secure+Bond. When customers use this championship team on their device, they’ll feel like they won the big game of mobile data – maximizing the benefits of Wi-Fi and Cellular networks working as a team. And operators win too. This winning combo provides superior customer experience and improves margin as customers use more Wi-Fi.

Superior performance needs to be flexible if it is to meet changing needs. The advent of 5G will require security and bond capabilities that meet increased capacity and speed requirements, and the Mobolize platform is ready. A study from the Hudson Institute’s Center for the Economics of the Internet reports that “…even with 5G, consumers will offload traffic onto Wi-Fi networks.” That means the requirement for keeping customers protected and reducing the friction when moving between Wi-Fi and Cellular will continue to increase. Only Mobolize has a scalable solution.

It takes teamwork, leadership and superior performance to deliver a winning game, even in the mobile industry. The leading Mobolize on-device engine with the strong combo of Secure+Bond delivers optimum results today and for 5G.

As Kansas City Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt said about quarterback Mahomes winning the MVP award, “When you have a guy like Patrick under center, you have a chance to win every game.”

Mobile operators, you have a chance to win every game with Secure+Bond – the Mobolize MVP. Come join our winning team.


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