Mobile Industry Eye: Syniverse and Mobolize to provide on-device data optimization for mobile users, operators and enterprises

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Mobile Industry Eye | April 9, 2019

In a continuing effort to improve customer experience and reduce network burden, including roaming costs, Syniverse, has collaborated with Mobolize to offer software solutions that optimize data and create secure, seamless Wi-Fi usage on mobile users’ devices.

Using Mobolize technology, the Syniverse Data Experience Optimization service extends its global leadership position of securely and efficiently enabling mobile operators and enterprises to manage data with data optimization, secure Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi cellular bonding. The growth of data, driven by video and the desire for mobile users to be constantly connected, is increasing the costs for mobile providers, especially when customers are roaming or using a network owned by a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

Mobolize uses patented technology that is network neutral because it is on the device. In cooperation with mobile users, data optimization allows operators to deploy bitrate control of streaming video even while roaming, optimizing data usage by up to 80% without the need for harsh throttling techniques that cause user frustration.

Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi seamlessly protects users when joining Wi-Fi, while Wi-Fi cellular bonding eliminates the dead zone as customers transition from Wi-Fi to cellular – increasing Wi-Fi usage and satisfaction. Together, these solutions maximize the user experience, while enabling operators to better manage costs, especially with regulations such as “Roam Like at Home” in Europe.

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