Celebrate 20 Years of Wi-Fi with a Wi-Fi Test – Make That a Quiz – on World Wi-Fi Day

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By William Chow, Mobolize | CTO, Co-Founder

It was in 1999 that six companies formed the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance and a year later introduced the term Wi-Fi. After 20 years, Wi-Fi is essential. Staying connected is demanded by everyone, from businesses to students to travelers to my young nephew playing Lego Games on his mobile device.

World Wi-Fi Day was organized by the Wireless Broadband Alliance  under the leadership of Connected City Advisory Board .  The goal is to recognize and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in cities and communities around the world by driving projects that connect everyone.

Today, we celebrate those twenty years and Wi-Fi’s growth. 1999 was when The Sopranos and The West Wing debuted on our old-time TVs, The Matrix film premiered, Serena Williams won her first Grand Slam title and Ricky Martin released Livin’ La Vida Loca. We’ve come a long way, and you’d be surprised who was key to the progress of Wi-Fi.

Take our Wi-Fi Test, I mean Quiz, and learn fun things about Wi-Fi.

  1. Where was the first UHF wireless packet network introduced, when and what was its name?

a. Australia, 1992, KangaNet

b. Hawaii, 1971, ALOHAnet

c. US., 1991, WaveLAN

d. Russia, 1951, Runet

  1. Who is the Mother of Wi-Fi?

a. Audrey MacLean

b. Gamora

c. Hedy Lamarr

d. Mary Meeker

  1. Which airline was the first to provide Wi-Fi services to passengers?

a. Boeing

b. Air France

c. TWA

d. American Airlines

  1. What does Wi-Fi mean?

a. Wireless Fidelity

b. Wide Fixed network

c. Pun on the word hi-fi (high fidelity), a term for high-quality audio

d. Wireless Finally

  1. There are 7+ billion people in the world today. How many Wi-Fi devices are in use in 2019?

a. 7+ billion

b. 5 billion

c. 9 billion

d. 14 billion

And for fun extra credit:

  1. What was the Wi-Fi password for the Tibetan temple in the movie “Doctor Strange”?

a. Avengers

b. 12345

c. WiFiisasuperpower

d. Shamballa

Here are the answers. Now you’re ready for Wi-Fi cocktail hour conversation and livin’ la vida Wi-Fi on World Wi-Fi Day.

  1. B

ALOHAnet and the ALOHA protocol were early forerunners to Ethernet and the IEEE 802.11 protocols, respectively.

  1. C

Hedy Lamarr holds the original patent for frequency hopping, the basis for Wi-Fi.

  1. A

Boeing unveiled the first commercial Wi-Fi service called Connexion by Boeing. Lufthansa Airlines was the launch customer announced at the 2001 Paris Air Show.

  1. C

Brand consulting firm Interbrand created the name Wi-Fi as a pun on the word hi-fi, referring to high fidelity or high-quality audio technology.

  1. C

There are 9 billion Wi-Fi devices in use today. Source: Wi-Fi Alliance

  1. D

Pretty cool. Check it out.

And check out World Wi-Fi Day from the Wireless Broadband Alliance:

What is World Wi-Fi Day?




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