Mobile Data Management Done on the Device is the Driving Force to Keep Customers Connected and Secure

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO and Co-Founder

It’s a mobile world now and network operators need leading-edge ways to manage the flood of data used by mobile users and to provide the optimal user experience.

Cisco reported at the 2019 Wireless Global Congress, Atlanta, that global mobile data traffic will increase seven times by 2021.And, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, there are now nine billion Wi-Fi devices in use and only 7.7 billion people on the planet. By 2022 – only three years away – there will be 14 billion mobile devices.

That’s a lot of mobile and a deluge of data. That’s also a huge and growing requirement for data management along with the need to keep users quickly and easily connected and secure on mobile devices as they move between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Smart network operators understand they need to redefine how they meet that requirement for data management.

Today’s leading-edge redefined solution is located on the mobile device itself. The only company that can provide an on-device solution is Mobolize. Our exclusive and patented data management engine resides at the landing pad of all traffic and quickly and safely responds to the data needs of the user. It immediately identifies and does what is needed to manage data on the device to the benefit of the user and the operator.

Think of our on-device data engine as a mini traffic cop that evaluates the users’ data requests for security and the best network for rapid and safe response.The data engine is independent of operating systems and requires no network components or servers.

Easily installed onto each customer’s phone or pad, the data engine keeps the mobile customer connected regardless of moving in and out of cellular or Wi-Fi because it constantly reads the connectivity of both radio channels and selects the most powerful, eliminating common dead zones where the Wi-Fi radio won’t let go. It won’t negatively impact the network in any way and can be managed to fit operator connection strategies such as Wi-Fi First. Importantly, bonding the networks is automatic. Users won’t get frustrated with their network connection and turn Wi-Fi off – and then forget to turn it back on.

Other advantages – it keeps watch over all data traffic and will encrypt where necessary and block dangerous sites as needed while determining the optimal video data bit rate to ensure a smooth jitter and lag free delivery of streaming traffic.

Our on-device data engine also provides unique Wi-Fi security. Using a SmartVPN® that only encrypts unencrypted links, it eliminates breaking apps and doesn’t have a measurable battery impact. The SmartVPN® turns on automatically when users enter a Wi-Fi network so they don’t have to think about it. What they do see is a friendly reminder provided by their network operator that they are secure. That can add to loyalty points.

The Mobolize patented, on-device data engine not only easily and cost effectively lets operators manage data, but it will enhance the customer experience. Our data engine keeps customers connected without any disruptions at minimal cost to the operator. We can make all of this work together as a driving force – easily bonding networks, smart Wi-Fi security and optimization, with no network serves. No one else can do that.

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