Not Either/Or – it’s AND That Provides a Great Wi-Fi Cellular Bonding Experience

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By JP Brocket, MOBOLIZE | Senior Product Director 

Every mobile phone has two internal radios – one for the cellular networks and the other for Wi-Fi networks. Both radios are on nearly all the time, scanning, checking, seeking signal. However, only one is actively sending data over the radio.  

The mobile phone sends data down the cellular or Wi-Fi radio and stays on the Wi-Fi radio for as long as it can, even when the Wi-Fi network is weak. There is no AND – the ability to efficiently use both radios to provide the best overall connection experience. 

MOBOLIZE Bond provides the AND. Bond is new way of true channel aggregation located on the device. It intelligently uses both radios to deliver the always-onconnected customer experience by leveraging cellular AND Wi-Fi together. This eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and speeds up slow, congested Wi-Fi. 

Wi-Fi dead zones? These are areas where the handset hangs onto an unresponsive Wi-Fi network and won’t quickly switch to cellular. They are quite common.  

  • Ever sit in your car in the drive way or start to back out and your navigation search freezes? That’s a dead zone.
  • Ever stepped out of a hotel, airport or coffee shop and your ride sharing app won’t update? That’s a dead zone.
  • Ever tried to post a selfie at a concert or convention and it won’t post or deliver your picture? That’s a dead zone and slow congested Wi-Fi.

Every user just wants to have a usable connection for their apps, games, messages, email and photos to share. That’s it. Let the phone use both radios intelligently so the user always has a usable connection.  

That means it’s not either Wi-Fi or cellular connecting independently, it’s the power of AND – both Wi-Fi and cellular working in harmony together.  

The result is customers have a better smartphone data experience, which results in using Wi-Fi more frequently and connecting to Wi-Fi in more places. Bond can be set to choose cellular only when Wi-Fi is bad or slow, or to use Wi-Fi and cellular equally. With Bond, carriers can improve the customer experience and benefit from increased Wi-Fi usage while positioning the cellular network as the hero helping improve the entire data experience. That is the power of AND. 

Another key advantage – Bond is a true on-device, easy to deploy end-point solution. Unlike server channel bonding solutions, no costly backend servers with network operational overhead are required. These often have technical problems for usage and are not a solution to Wi-Fi offload for operators.Mobolize’s patent-pending Bond technology is part of its patented, on-device mobile data management engine which no one else in the industry can provide. 

Fast. Efficient. No operational costs. True aggregation of the network radios on the device. The result is managing the moments that matter to the mobile customer whether watching sports or mapping a location while on the move or messaging on WhatsApp. If mobile users are in a dead zone and the device doesn’t respond, that’s an impact on customer experience. Mobolize Bond improves the customer experience with the power of AND. 

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