Secure Wi-Fi – It Just Works Best Because It’s Smart

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By Adam Thibault, MOBOLIZE | Senior Director of Business Development

I’m sitting in a strange but wonderful Baltimore coffee shop. I’ve been in Baltimore only twice in my life and I’ve never visited this café supreme before. The coffee shop is new, modern and the aromas are fantastic. Watching my wife try to translate the supremely trendy menu and order something is equally exciting. I have no doubt I can sit down to relax, enjoy my pour over and get connected to the coffee shop’s public Wi-Fi network. But connecting to public Wi-Fi is precisely where a different and altogether dangerous kind of excitement can come into play.

Wi-Fi is prolific in today’s world and with it comes worlds of possible interactions. Wi-Fi has created so many opportunities for us to work and play we sometimes forget that these connections expose us to some level of risk when we click on that SSID name. Nefarious actors are also prolific on Wi-Fi and they try to take advantage of unprotected, unsuspecting consumers. Phishing, man-in-the-middle and many other attack types (with less sexy names, by the way) can occur even on “password protected” Wi-Fi connections. That is the kind of excitement we all want to avoid.

However, worrying about the bad guys is not a part of my concern about Wi-Fi. When I pull out my tablet and connect, I know my MOBOLIZE | Secure Wi-Fi software has covered these risks. It immediately lets me know it’s active the moment I connect to Wi-Fi – without me having to do anything to enable it.

I’m lucky. I have Secure on my tablet and phone. So does my wife. These types of devices contain important personal and business data and hackers know this. They target coffee shops, along with airports, train stations, hotels etc. – anywhere there’s unsecured networks and unsuspecting users. And when a user gets hacked, they often blame their mobile operator, claiming poor service or support.

Those who’ve chosen to protect themselves with a traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) have to trade off device performance. Those old-school, red-tape-like VPN connections have earned a bad name with consumers, breaking apps we like (banking, Netflix, etc.) and can hose up streaming speeds all while draining the battery. If that’s what it takes to be safe on public Wi-Fi, well, I wouldn’t be too excited to get protected either. And consumers often turn off VPNs because of these bothersome issues.

Mobolize makes all the pain and irritation of VPNs go away.  Our SmartVPN® acts as a smart traffic cop on the device to optimize performance and security. How?

  • By automatically securing every connection point, even those that are password-protected if the user chooses
  • By encrypting only data not already encrypted (HTTPS)
  • By smartly managing traffic to ensure no broken streams, etc.

The result is an experience that is safe and sound. Simple and secure. Automatic so the consumer doesn’t have to think about it. Secure Wi-Fi just works the best so users can avoid the excitement of security anxiety.

For the end user: Secure Wi-Fi doesn’t crush battery life, break apps and, most importantly, risk data. For the mobile operator: Secure Wi-Fi keeps customers secure and happy with a SmartVPN®.  And that keeps them using Wi-Fi.

Now back to my (almost cold) cup of coffee 😊

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