A Peek Under the [Data] Hood: Mobile Protection Comes Home with DNS Security for Individuals and Families

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By Adam R Thibault, Mobolize | Vice President of Business Development

In these challenging COVID-19 times, the internet and the devices we use have become even more important, and yet even more vulnerable to online threats. Many of us are working from home and connect to co-workers, family and friends in video meetings and happy hours, as well as sending lots of emails and texts. Schools are closed so students distance-learn and submit homework online. Entertainment is now streaming movies or TV shows, listening to podcasts or playing video games.

The power of the internet is clear. The power of the devices that make it happen is also clear, and many of us depend more and more on mobile devices. But those devices don’t always have protection from hackers and thieves when connected to home and public Wi-Fi networks.

There’s phishing and pharming. Malware. Spyware. Viruses that attack entire networks or ransomware that can also find access to your company’s business network. And that’s trouble.

But now there is protection for individuals and families. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has announced CIRA Canadian Shield, which is a free DNS firewall service that will provide online privacy and security to individuals and families across Canada. Canadian Shield will provide enterprise-grade privacy and cybersecurity by leveraging CIRA’s national DNS structure, their strong experience in protecting Canada’s internet and their global partnership with Akamai Technologies.

Mobolize enables CIRA Canadian Shield to bring Akamai’s DNS security to mobile devices. The Mobolize on-device Data Management Engine provides intelligent packet level decisions based on our patented SmartVPN® technology. This technology will extend protection of online DNS threats to mobile devices.

CIRA Canadian Shield is available as a mobile app and is a free download for Canadians in both the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android devices. Note: Only available in Canada.

As Jacques Latour, CIRA Chief Technology Officer, said, “Only CIRA could launch a service like Canadian Shield. As a non-profit with no interest in monetizing user data, we were able to bring together a group of great partners who are committed to protecting Canadians online–including the first-ever national deployment of DNS over HTTPS globally. This will provide all Canadians and their families with the kind of online protection typically reserved for large institutions.”

DNS protection for mobile devices comes home. Individuals and families now have access to the highest level of security on their home computer networks and their mobile devices. Mobolize is proud to be a part of CIRA Canadian Shield.


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