DNS Security is Now Available for Mobile Devices: A Peek Under the [Data] Hood

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | CRO

Modern mobile device management is a challenge for operators and developers who want to protect their customers from harm and ensure smooth operation as the user moves between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Mobolize’s patented Data Traffic Management Engine uniquely helps improve the mobile data experience including security, bonding and optimization. This now includes extending the block capabilities of our on-device Engine to include network-based Domain Name System (DNS) solutions for smartphones and tablets.

Here’s the issue: how does a service provider guard mobile devices with DNS security, which is considered the best available for cloud-based computer security? DNS security systems have effectively protected personal computers from malware and phishing attacks because of their ability to detect undesirable content before it can be downloaded to a computer. But DNS security isn’t widely available for mobile devices because of inherent challenges building for the common Android and iOS operating systems which are uniquely different from PCs and other business computer systems.

But Mobolize’s on-device Data Traffic Management Engine changes this. Because it resides deep in the layers of the mobile device network stack, our Engine has the unique advantage of analyzing all Wi-Fi and cellular traffic including IP addresses and responses. The result is our Engine helps control and manage the thousands of requests a typical mobile device sends and receives daily.

This on-device position enables our partners to seamlessly connect their cloud-based DNS protection service to any mobile device. Our SmartVPN® technology inherent in our Engine has the unique advantage of seeing all IP packets on Wi-Fi and cellular traffic and can thus support DNS.

Because of this ability, the Engine becomes a smart data traffic manager that leverages third-party DNS and on-device blacklists that provides real protection against threats on mobile devices. (Stay tuned for more details on our technology in an upcoming blog.)

Our partners now have the ability to bring their DNS services to the mobile world. An example is the recently announced CIRA Canadian Shield offered by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), in partnership with Akamai. It’s a free DNS protection service that provides online privacy and security to individuals and families across Canada.

With CIRA Canadian Shield, Mobolize is the first company to bring a full featured DNS protection service to the mobile device, where the user can select the protection level they want, from simple private DNS service without blocking to DNS blocking of malware, phishing or objectionable content.

Now, the Mobolize Data Traffic Management Engine also provides the best DNS privacy, protection and content filtering capabilities that help our partners extend and enhance their mobile device offerings. That’s smart. Mobolize smart.


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