Smart Security for Mobile Devices Requires Smart Mobile Technology Expertise

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO, Co-Founder

The pandemic has resulted in many changes, including increased use of mobile devices as we work (and learn) from our home offices. Enterprises are now paying more attention to the fact that their employees are using mobile devices to connect into company applications and systems that can affect company security.

Mobile security best resides on the device itself. By residing on the device, security analysis is fast, accurate and can be managed by the enterprise. That requires understanding the unique mobile device technologies and using them for the benefit of security practices. (I’m not referring to traditional VPNs that are one-off solutions for individuals who want to skirt around streaming services rules of engagement, and negatively impact device performance including significant battery drain.)

Adapting security solutions to mobile has a variety of challenges, including among other issues:

  • Mobile devices have entirely different operating systems than PCs and Macs consisting of Android, iOS and Chrome OS
  • Data is sent and received via two radios and use multiple IP addresses – one for Wi-Fi networks and one for cellular – presenting timing and error checking operations separate from data flow
  • Data delivery mechanisms include complex cellular networks, which often don’t have a smooth delivery due to small (or large) failures
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is inconsistent and creates dead zones where connectivity is lost when the user is transitioning between mobile networks
  • Wireless latency varies and is a common problem especially when there is high network usage or overload

Successful mobile device security starts with understanding these differences and creatively and smartly managing them. Mobolize has focused on mobile security, connectivity and optimization for more than five years. We have developed a patented on-device Data Management Engine that is distributed as a downloadable application or embedded into an existing application with our comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK).

The Data Management Engine uses our patented SmartVPN® to configure the security requirements our partners define, thus controlling the security of the data based on each enterprise’s needs. The engine works with all apps and browsers and across both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and can be installed on iPhone, Android and Chromebook devices. Our mobile device security technology can provide full internet protocol protection, including DNS privacy, protection and content filtering.

This new year’s challenge for smart enterprises is an urgent need for high level mobile device security for all employees. It takes a team of smart mobile device experts to meet this 2021 challenge.

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