Mobile Security and Connectivity – May the Data Management Engine Force Be with You

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A conversation with Yoda, Jedi Master, and Anthony Floyd, Mobolize | Director of Strategic Partnerships, for National Talk Like Yoda Day

Yoda (Y): National Talk Like Yoda Day, it is.

Anthony (A): Yes, Yoda, a special day, it is. Thank you for joining me in a conversation about the importance for mobile service and security providers and network operators to ensure their mobile device users have the highest level of security and connectivity.

Y: 900 years old, I am. Seen it all, I have. From R2-D2 as original smartphone, he was, to The Dark Side phishing mobile, attempting they are.

A: Yes, you have seen it all. Do you have a mobile phone?

Y: Go there, I don’t need. Know and hear all, I do.

A: You’re aware of the security and connectivity issues that mobile users have with their devices. So how do you convince providers that offering the best security and connectivity to their users will result in happier, more productive users and IT departments?

Y: Here for my help, you are…yes…

A: Wise Yoda, you are.

Y: Issue security, here is. When unprotected, mobile device black hole, is like. The Dark Side entry, it can do. Data safe, it is not, so The Dark Side data, they will steal. User mobile, screwed.

A: That sounds right. . .

Y: Providers of smart security, they need. Traditional VPNs, old way they are. The Data Management Engine Force with SmartVPN® providers, this they need. Resident on mobile device, it is. Attack surface, minimized it is. Fine-grain data and DNS routing, it does. ZTNA enablement, it has. Centralized policy management, it follows. Cost and performance compared to traditional VPN or cloud connected app, it improves. Enterprise management, happy they are.

A: And the mobile user?

Y: Happy he/she, is too. Entry on mobile device by The Dark Side, minimized or eliminated it is.

A: And mobile connectivity? Does the Data Management Engine Force help that?

Y: Mobile connectivity The Dark Side, impacts too. Wi-Fi radio loses strength out of range, it does. Switch to cellular radio, it won’t easily do. With use of Wi-Fi and cellular bonding on Data Management Engine Force, The Dark Side Dead Zones it stops. Wi-Fi and cellular connections, it bonds, so good user connectivity, always experienced it is. Connections to video, apps, GPS, maintained they are.

A: Is optimization of video data an issue?

Y: Good video experience, The Dark Side affects. On-device, bit-rate video stream speed the Data Management Engine Force, controls and manages it does. Buffering and stuttering, it reduces. Throttling, needed is not. Data plan control and roaming packages users, are benefited by. The Dark Side again, eliminated it is.

A: Those are powerful security and connectivity solutions for mobile devices, right?

Y: Mobile innovation, Mobolize is.

A: Thanks for helping explain the Mobolize benefits for our service and network provider partners, Yoda.

Y: Welcome, you are.

A: Any last advice?

Y: Mobolize partners: do or do not; there is no try. May the Data Management Engine Force be with you.

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