The Data Management Engine is a Natural Extension of Our Partners’ Core Products Onto Mobile Devices

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO, Co-Founder

This is a new year. It should inspire a new way of thinking for top management that has been challenged in the past couple of years by the changing structures and ways of not only conducting business but of keeping the walls of their companies that protect data and key information safe and secure.

What we all have experienced is employees working from home, which means that the security walls sometimes grow fragile and break down as employees sign into company networks from mobile devices. Not just the traditional mobile phone, but all devices now used remotely such as laptops used at kitchen tables or home desktops and even tablets. Without the security firewalls on mobile devices, entry by bad actors is much easier.

The problem is that bringing security to mobile devices is complicated and few companies have the technology expertise or resources, much less the time, to develop a mobile extension of their security product, especially utilizing Zero Trust. (Check out our CTO Will Chow’s blog on the complexities of delivering Zero Trust to mobile devices.)

But here’s why our partners depend on Mobolize’s proven and time-tested technology to bring their company’s trusted security to mobile devices faster than trying to develop it themselves. Our patented Data Management Engine works on every mobile operating system – Apple OS, Windows, Chromebook, iOS, and Android – bringing our customer’s security products and solutions to mobile devices. Importantly, the Data Management Engine intelligently manages data based on each of our partner’s requirements.

The benefits of using our Data Management Engine become clear.  Deliver a natural extension of defined core products to mobile devices – done. Enable and empower any solutions and products for mobile security – done. Zero Trust– done. Works on all mobile endpoints – done. Delivered fast – done.

Another benefit: partner with experts in mobile technology with the only Data Management Engine in the industry to deliver your trusted core products – done.

As we say, that’s powered by Mobolize.

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