Twelve Days of Cybersecurity on Endpoint Devices

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By Sam Koch, Solutions Engineer | Mobolize

The “Twelve Days of Christmas” is one of the most beloved (or irritating) holiday songs. I thought we’d have fun once again, while sharing the best way to keep endpoints secure and connected. It’s those laptops, smartphones and tablets that we all use either at home watching all the cheesy holiday movies, i.e. “working”, or while commuting (by camel) to where the magic happens, the stable office that runs an enterprise network. Put on your holiday hat and enjoy. 

On the 1st day of Christmas my security manager gave to me: 

A security app powered by the Mobolize Data Management Engine 

The song adds a cybersecurity gift for each day, so to keep it easy (avoiding the irritation factor) here are the rest of the 12 gifts that the Data Management Engine delivers to enable high-performance security and connectivity for endpoint devices.  

On the 2nd day… two ways to use endpoint devices: managed (MDM) and unmanaged (BYOD) 

 On the 3rd day… three types of endpoint devices: laptops, tablets and smartphones

 On the 4th day… four reasons traditional or legacy VPNs don’t work well on endpoint devices: broken apps, slow data performance, large attack surface, does not scale 

 On the 5th day… five golden rings for the Data Management Engine with fine-grain routing that provides precision routing for all data and apps on endpoint devices without the bad behaviors of legacy VPNs 

 On the 6th day… six OSs supported – iOS, Android, macOS, Windows OS, Chrome OS and Linux 

 On the 7th day… seven cheers because the Data Management Engine is the only software that enables SASE and SD-WAN on all endpoint devices 

 On the 8th day… eight more cheers (well, the season should be cheery) because on-device DNS blocking or threat protection scales infinitely without networking equipment, which saves an enterprise money on server costs 

 On the 9th day… nine dancing nomad workers because the Data Management Engine also improves connectivity by eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones as those nomads move to and from Wi-Fi/cellular or encounter poor performing Wi-Fi

 On the 10th day… ten leaping mad cybercriminals (actually, all cybercriminals) who are blocked from accessing endpoint device data – and thus the enterprise network – with Mobolize’s on-device Data Management Engine  

 On the 11th day… eleven happy piping employees (or more) because their devices are secure and better connected without impacts to their user experience

 On the 12th day… twelve happy drumming IT and security managers (or more) because their enterprise networks are protected from cyber criminals entering through traditional Remote Access VPNs on endpoint devices

 Enjoy your holiday season with the best endpoint security that keeps company data protected by keeping all employee endpoint devices secure and connected, both on- and off-network. And cheers to a great 2023. 

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