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Mobolize Helps Android Users Lower Cell Phone Bills, Rein in Bandwidth Consumption 

Free mobile app seamlessly reduces cellular data usage up to 20 percent

Santa Monica, Calif. – June 25, 2014 – Mobolize, the endpoint web optimization company, today announced CacheFront Mobile, a new app for Android phones that can reduce the user’s mobile data consumption by up to 20 percent with a simple install. The software, which works with all mobile apps and browsers, is now available for mobile devices utilizing the Android operating system version 4.0 and later. It is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Once installed, CacheFront Mobile learns which mobile apps and web sites are accessed most often by the individual user and automatically establishes dynamic caches to eliminate the needless redelivery of content. Because the solution works entirely on the phone and does not redirect traffic through a cloud-based proxy, it avoids the privacy and latency concerns common with other approaches.

In testing with Ball State University’s Applied Research Institute, Mobolize’s approach allowed users to download 20 percent more content, including Facebook, and popular web sites like Instagram, without exhausting monthly data caps and being faced with costly data overages.

“As mobile phones become established as primary computing devices, carriers and consumers alike find themselves confronting ‘bandwidth crunch,’” said Dr. Robert Yadon, Professor and Director of the Applied Research Institute at Ball State University. “Cell phone users, understandably, want to avoid overage charges, while carriers seek to maintain the performance of their networks. In our testing, we found that CacheFront Mobile can reduce overall network traffic by a significant amount – up to 20 percent for some users. By deploying CacheFront Mobile, carriers and consumers both get what they want.”


CacheFront Mobile is also available to cellular carriers, communication service providers (CSPs) and device OEMs for pre-installation on smartphones. In trials with a major U.S. carrier, CacheFront Mobile reduced cellular data traffic by an additional 5-20 percent over 3G and 4G networks already running traditional optimization software.

“The telecom world is changing and established market boundaries are falling by the wayside.” Said Matt Walker, principal analyst, network infrastructure at Ovum in his report, 2014 Trends to Watch: Network Infrastructure. ”Despite flattish CSP capital expenditures, there is a new sector of companies building network infrastructure, partially offsetting the CSP weakness. To profit from this digital media growth though, vendors will need strengths in both telecom/hardware and IT/software, and [will need to] learn to serve this new customer type.”


Mobolize also lets mobile app developers make their apps faster and lighter on the network by using the CacheFront Mobile SDK to embed sophisticated caching into their apps.

“The rapid rise of mobile data consumption on smartphones has placed considerable strain on mobile networks, and impacted the consumer experience,” said Philip Mustain, CEO and chairman of Mobolize. “With CacheFront Mobile, carriers can increase their network capacity without costly network upgrades, thereby delivering a better user experience.”


CacheFront Mobile is available immediately for free download in the Google Play Store:

About Mobolize

Mobolize CacheFront™ is Endpoint Web Optimization software that provides content delivery optimization at the point of greatest impact: the client device. CacheFront creates dynamic, dedicated caches for users’ favorite websites and mobile applications, greatly reducing latency and network traffic. Because it’s installed on the endpoint, CacheFront actually stops requests for redelivery of data before they occur. For more information about CacheFront Mobile and the CacheFront Mobile SDK, please visit

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