Mobolize at Mobile World Congress 2017

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Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress. THE technology event that showcases the industry that has more impact on more people than any other in history. Where else do you see, in addition to the obvious presence of large well known mobile operators, software services and consulting companies, delegations and exhibitors from across the globe; not just the usual technology hot beds (Scandinavia, Western Europe, etc.) but also Sudan, Jordan, Algeria and others.

It is always an exciting event, with themes that change year to year. This year was no different.

At lunch one day, an executive from a large Canadian mobile operator summed up perhaps the event’s top trend by saying, “It’s the IoT show.” IoT was indeed everywhere: IoT solutions displayed on screens and dominating the messaging in large booths; demonstrating how enterprises, and “Smart Homes” and even communities will be managed and controlled and secured by centrally controlled M2M (machine to machine) systems leveraging mobile networks.

But IoT wasn’t everything. In conversation with GSMA executive Mark Smith, we heard that “content is back”, especially video. With this, the need for relevance, performance and margin management becomes increasingly important. In discussions with providers of data analytics systems, we discovered that several are using AI now to provide more real-time and relevant feedback to mobile operators on how to better manage and monetize their assets.

These align well with Mobolize’s ability to See, Control and Monetize mobile data on devices. Mobile operators and others in the ecosystem we met at MWC responded well to the opportunity to leverage Mobolize’s software to Discover, Secure, Optimize, Block, Push and Profit – enhancing their subscribers’ experience and increasing revenue.

Our ability to power innovation for both existing and new applications can enhance the mobile operators’ ability to deliver relevant content (including offers and rewards) and generate alerts that matter. And the data we can capture and provide to our partners is complimentary to what our partners are trying to do with data analytics, including AI.

GSMA, as usual, was also a workout, and after hours, at happy hours and events in exhibitor’s booths, near the congress hall where the event is held, and in Barcelona, one could see people comparing their “step” counts, 10,000+ steps, or 5 miles or more in a day being the low end of the totals proudly displayed and discussed.

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