Wi-Fi Innovation at Wi-Fi NOW Means Device-Side Cellular & Wi-Fi Convergence Delivering Enhanced CX Plus Lower Cost & Congestion Issues

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | Senior VP, Global Sales and Marketing

Wi-Fi NOW has been supporting the Wi-Fi industry for 20 years and this year’s show in Washington, D.C. has a special focus on innovation. Not just technical innovation which they have been leaders at, but in innovation for operators who increasingly must balance customer experience (CX) and costs.

The mobile user spends 70 percent of their time on Wi-Fi and demands a good experience. These users expect an always connected service as they move between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. They don’t want to be caught in dead zones where they can’t order an Uber or the GPS won’t respond.

The massive increase in mobile data usage has been a challenge to operators due to network congestion and costs. Wi-Fi offload strategies have led to bad customer experiences when pushed to poor performing and sometimes unsecure Wi-Fi.

Providing good CX wasn’t something that the mobile industry didn’t initially think about. The focus was on cost advantages of Wi-Fi offload. The result was users voted with their wallets – many changed operators as a result.

Operators now have the ability to solve these problems without adding complexity and cost to their network. The viable approach requires a balance between operator and customer needs. Customers must see and feel the value of what they are getting but want their experience to be easy, smooth, almost automatic. When they feel secure and have a seamless experience, they leave their Wi-Fi radio on and use the best of cellular and Wi-Fi networks working in harmony. I call this “Smart Offload.”

Today, speaking at Wi-FI NOW, I had the pleasure of sharing how Mobolize’s innovative data management engine that is deployed on the mobile device – not the network – can play a major role in delivering this balance. Our software delivers an unparalleled CX, keeping users protected when using Wi-Fi, enabling a seamless handoff between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, and optimizing data consumption – all while helping manage operator costs and maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

This is the time for Wi-Fi innovation to lead the industry in providing customers a great experience, alongside developments in cellular with 5G on the horizon. This combination will help ensure a high Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key metric for operators.

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