Three Solutions to Cost-Effectively Manage Data and Improve the User Experience That Operators Attending CCA Can’t Miss

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By Christine Collins, MOBOLIZE | Director of Business Development

Operators face the issue of pushing more and more data through their network with the expectation to continue to decrease consumer costs. Mobile video traffic is forecast to grow by around 45% annually through to 2023 and account for 73% of all mobile data traffic.

A great example of this is while at CCA with our partner Syniverse, if I find some downtime, I’d like to try and catch up with my favourite morning news show. I bet lots of other attendees will be using Wi-Fi and streaming data at the conference too to catch up on favorite shows or news.

How can Mobolize and Syniverse help? We provide on-device data management solutions for optimization, Wi-Fi and cellular bonding plus Wi-Fi security that solve network and user problems while saving operators’ costs.

With MOBOLIZE | Optimize, we cost effectively optimize the adaptive bit rate video through the consumers device without losing the video quality. Video tends to be streamed in the highest possible resolution and different resolutions can impact data traffic consumption to a high degree. Watching HD video (720p) rather than standard resolution video (480p) typically doubles the data traffic volume, while moving to full HD (1080p) doubles it yet again. This can also create buffering issues. When viewed on a mobile phone screen, high resolution video delivers virtually no visual benefit over lower resolution, but it eats up data. With on-device data optimization, we effectively help operators “stretch their data” for their customers.

Most conventions offer a Wi-Fi service so all its participants can stay connected, but “bad actors” know this and will set up phishing schemes, man-in-the-middle attacks or other methods of accessing your valuable data. I love that I can protect all of my data with MOBOLIZE | Secure which protects me from any unsecure Wi-Fi traffic. Our SmartVPN® has all the benefits of full VPN security but without killing battery (very important at a convention) or conflicting with other consumer services like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

And of course, there is nothing more annoying than to walk from the convention hall back to your room, taxi stand or outside for fresh air, only to find you are standing in a Wi-Fi dead zone. You know, that area at the fringe of Wi-Fi service where your device is stuck on Wi-Fi but you cannot access any data. MOBOLIZE | Bond prevents me from having this frustration and allows me to be connected at all times, so I don’t miss that Uber.

CCA is a great place to network and talk to operators on how we can help solve some of the issues with the continual growth of data while providing a great customer experience. I’m happy that I have Optimize, Secure and Bond running on my device and can show mobile operators the advantages. See you there.

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