Wi-Fi Dead Zone Tales: Dispatch from Bedford, New Hampshire

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By Adam R. Thibault, Mobolize | Senior Director of business Development

I have a lovely home on three acres with a wide lawn, a swing set that my kids play on and a big “farmer’s porch” that overlooks this great view. I’m the person who mows and does yard work around the property. I can’t say I love doing the work, but the time passes faster when I’m listening to podcasts and streaming music. But as I move around my property with my gas-powered mower, I often find myself at the edge of my home Wi-Fi radio range. Who knew I would experience Wi-Fi dead zones while mowing?

  1. Dead Zones in the yard while mowing

I mow or do lawn work at least once a week. When moving around the edge of the lawn, I’ll experience dead zones with increased audio buffering, or sometimes failure to load audio at all. This is frustrating because it impedes my efficiency in getting the job done and my strategy for getting some enjoyment during this tedious physical labor.

Dead zones on my property force me to spend time downloading content to my device I would otherwise stream. This takes time. I have to hang in the house while filling up the device, delaying getting the yardwork jobs done.

  1. Dead zones while driving

It feels like my phone and network providers are failing me with something basic.  I live in well populated suburban area with lots of hotspots.  So, while I understand that cell coverage is sometimes spotty, I also run into frequent dead zones just from driving around and having my phone auto log-on to Wi-Fi networks I previously connected to. Mobile phones won’t let go of out-of-range Wi-Fi networks, and that’s a dead zone.

Even though I’m familiar with dead zones, I get instantly frustrated with my phone and then progressively aggravated with my internet provider and wireless provider. Like a lot of people, my solution is to turn off the Wi-Fi radio, often for hours on end.

I was relieved to learn about and use Mobolize | Bond. I use the iOS demo application on my device, as do all Mobolize employees. (It’s available on Android too.) It frequently fixes my dead zone experience by automatically bonding the Wi-Fi and cellular radios on the device, providing a smooth, fast connection.

No network servers are required, so operators don’t have a server expense (who wants more network expenses?) and eliminates noticeable lag times for signals and thus stuttering. My podcasts and Spotify music are uninterrupted.

Think Wi-Fi dead zones don’t exist? Think again. Dead zones are all around us and we experience frustrations in dealing with them daily. Stay tuned for more dead zone tales.  



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