Dead Zone Case Studies – How Skeleton-Killer Bond is a Lively Opportunity

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | Chief Revenue Officer

Dead zone skeletons that freeze mobile phone connections are all around us and are not the mobile user’s pal. Not just in October (the official Dead Zone Month), but every day when users face these frustrations.

However, dead zones can provide a great opportunity for mobile operators… as eliminating these friction points for subscribers provides a better customer experience (CX), increasing Net Promoter Score (NPS), and reduces network costs (Smart Offload). An opportunity to differentiate and deliver a truly best-connected service.

Case Study – Smart Offload: Enabling Wi-Fi First Strategy and Differentiation

Dead zones frustrate users, and they then often blame their service provider for these moments of no data connectivity. A user’s typical solution is to turn off Wi-Fi to connect to cellular, often forgetting to turn the Wi-Fi radio back on. That drives user dissatisfaction and more cellular usage, which is especially challenging at a time when growing streaming video usage continues to impact network capacity and costs.

With Mobolize’s on-device data management software, mobile users enjoy Wi-Fi until the software recognizes that the Wi-Fi network is unresponsive. Mobolize | Bond monitors the connectivity of both Wi-Fi and cellular radio channels and quickly and smoothly switches the radio to cellular when Wi-Fi isn’t responsive. In addition, it can be configured to load balance for maximum performance.

The result: great increases in CX, complimented by a 30% reduction in cellular data and a 150% increase in Wi-Fi usage. Plus, an overall performance increase of more than 90%, which is hard to ignore.

All this with a friendly commercial model, as this device-only solution avoids server and other CAPEX costs.

And there’s no need for user interaction. It just happens. The magic is on the device – only Bond is needed to create this seamless handoff. Each time the user’s experience is improved, we provide a brand notification so despite no user interaction they’re still reminded of the benefit.

Case Study: Deliver Unique Subscriber Services

For the mobile operator, managing dead zones is an opportunity to not only increase user satisfaction with a fast, smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections, but to also deliver subscriber services that users want and deliver a positive response.

With mobile users spending 70%+ of their time on Wi-Fi they are at risk for hacking and other security issues. Operators have tried to offer mobile security solutions, but traditional VPNs require heavy battery use and break apps because they double encrypt which restricts access to popular streaming video apps. These issues often affect customer satisfaction, so operators are wary of providing security solutions even though it’s a needed product for both consumer and (especially) business customers.

Mobolize | Secure provides an attractive, differentiating product that can be used in partnership with Bond. A tier-one operator customer has indicated that Mobolize’s white label Secure has the highest customer lifetime value (CLV) in their portfolio, providing high-demand and low churn. Customers engage with the known advantages of Secure and then both operators and customers enjoy the advantages of Bond.

This combination of Bond and Secure is a differentiating offer that can increase revenue, especially for Unlimited Plans. Secure’s proven CLV impact and Bond’s success in improving connectivity and performance results in increased revenue and low churn.

It also results in protecting mobile users from those ever-present dead zone skeletons.


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