The Advantages of Being a Focused Mobile Expert – Nimble, Adaptive and Proven

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | CRO

Our partners work hard to meet the industry’s demands for change including keeping up with the ongoing technology evolutions, how products are used and their expanding requirements, and the growing need for responsible data management that keeps users secure and connected. This is especially true when it comes to mobile devices.

As we’ve blogged about before, mobile technology is complex and it takes an expert to not only understand its full complexities, but also to be able to easily integrate mobile services, products and support into our customers’ portfolios. The key to success is to be focused on all things mobile as a core capability and strength. That focus results in being highly responsive to the needs of our customers and the evolving needs of the industry.

For example, iOS requirements often change including memory management. If mobile software doesn’t adapt, the product’s or service’s performance will be impacted. Mobile experts can effectively adapt to the new requirements. Many companies are focused on a wide variety of technologies and platforms, from cloud services to PCs. They depend on mobile experts to know about how to efficiently develop and quickly adapt to the ongoing OS changes.

That’s where our team of mobile experts has the advantage. We’re focused on mobile first and only from our technology team to marketing and sales support. We are an adept and nimble team, and our focus on mobile keeps us that way. It’s in our DNA.

For our partners, our expertise results in responsive action. It’s not uncommon for customers to have operational changes like billing to support new plans or systems. Mobolize is regularly the first to deliver and support new parameters, plus we are often the first to identify issues and bring them to our partner’s attention. That’s mobile leadership.

We also are quick to adapt to our partner’s changing needs. The result is that we are often viewed as a company that is responsive and gets the job done. Our responsiveness comes from our mobile focus, our nimble business practices and our knowledgeable and adaptive technology team who developed our patented Data Management Engine – the core to our security and connectivity products. Our engine manages data providing the best mobile security and Wi-Fi/cellular connectivity in the industry.

Being a smaller, mobile-focused company has its advantages in delivering quality products and services in a timely manner. That results in our partners being able to take leadership positions in mobile technology such as mobile security for consumers and enterprises. We stand big with our mobile expertise, but we continue to be nimble and adaptive to meet the growing mobile industry needs.

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