Super Bowl LV Takeaway for Mobile Tech: Smart Offense + Defense = Winning Combination

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | CRO

Well, last Sunday’s Super Bowl LV game didn’t go as I or my fellow Kansas City Chiefs fans had hoped. The loss was one of the worst in our franchise Quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ NFL career and certainly a heartbreaker as many believed the Chiefs would be victorious.

So, what happened? The storyline of one of the league’s legendary QBs Tom Brady – who has now won seven Super Bowls – would certainly seem like a fair reason. But for those of us who watched the game, it wasn’t just great offense. The real story was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense which kept the Chiefs from scoring a touchdown – very uncharacteristic for this KC team.

What’s the relevance for mobile tech? We all need a combination of offense and defense for a winning combination. The technology headlines from the Super Bowl were all about the network – particularly 5G. But regardless of how you connect – cellular or Wi-Fi – and at what speed, you need to ensure you’re always protected with on-device software.

The Mobolize SmartVPN® provides the best of both offensive and defensive protection. From Wi-Fi encryption and bonding to our advanced Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Threat Protection security solutions, we enable our partners to deliver users from consumers to enterprises with the confidence that they’re always winning when it comes to mobile privacy, protection and performance.

Together with our partners, we enable fine-grain routing for company applications and data, full IP threat protection and content filter, splint DNS routing, DOH/DOT and IP blacklisting for iOS, Android and Chrome OS. As well as automatically securing data over Wi-Fi and providing a near seamless handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. All this with a great on-device experience that doesn’t break VPN sensitive apps and drain batteries with maximum scalability and compatibility.

SmartVPN® = Super Smart Victory.

Congrats to the Bucs! And cheers to the Chiefs for a great season… and another Super Bowl victory hopefully in the year ahead!

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