Boost Mobile Recognizes That Privacy and Security is Key for Their Customers

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | Chief Revenue Officer

Our partner Boost Mobile has introduced a new “Privacy Offering” that includes their popular application Secure Wi-Fi. The technology driving Secure Wi-Fi is Mobolize’s Data Management Engine that uses our SmartVPN® technology. The result is that users’ personal data is automatically protected when connected to Wi-Fi with some special advantages that only Mobolize can provide.

Boost is leading the way in recognition of the importance of keeping their customers safe on mobile phones. The pandemic has driven families and individuals to work and learn from home and to connect their mobile phones and tablets to Wi-Fi networks more frequently. Cyber criminals have found this to be an opportunity with an increase of almost 75% in ransomware and other mobile vulnerabilities growing by 50%.

Boost’s customers depend on their mobile phone to connect with family, friends and business contacts along with streaming entertainment. Even with a pre-paid Boost Mobile account, they often use free Wi-Fi as they move about for work. Well, don’t we all?

What are the advantages of Secure Wi-Fi over other mobile Wi-Fi security products? Secure Wi-Fi uses Mobolize’s SmartVPN® to intelligently manage data, including encrypting only unencrypted data vs. double encrypting already encrypted data. Seems pretty obvious but traditional VPNs lack the smarts to do this. Our approach increases security efficiency and maximizes device performance, including minimal impact on battery life and not breaking services like streaming and banking applications. And traditional VPNs can be much more costly because they move all incoming data to a server and encrypt everything.

Boost understands their customers well and are now leading with a cost-effective offering that protects their customers’ data on Wi-Fi. In addition to Secure Wi-Fi, Boost’s “Privacy Premium” bundle also includes Call Screener Premium, which identifies, reports and blocks unwanted spam calls; and Premium Visual Voicemail, which lets users manage and review their voicemail including transcribing them into text. This value-added service gives customers full digital protection on their Android phones in one convenient add-on for $5.99 per month.

Mobile phone users at all levels need Wi-Fi protection of their data. Prepaid, postpaid, consumer, small business, enterprise – all are users that need their data protected. Boost Mobile has taken a smart stand so their users have the security they need.

That’s smart. Mobolize and Boost Mobile smart.

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