Go with the Smart One – Mobolize’s Mobile Data Management Engine vs. Legacy VPNs

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | Chief Revenue Officer

Mobile security is especially hot right now. In the past, the industry has depended on Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to protect our computers and mobile devices from bad actors trying to invade our personal devices and steal the data off the device and access the data being transmitted. But the security and connectivity needs of 2021 require more advanced solutions and better on-device performance to ensure users are always protected and always connected. This includes Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to keep our Work from Home devices secure, especially when connecting to a company/business network.

Let’s look at how legacy VPN apps work. We are constantly sending and receiving data on our devices such as requesting access to a web page and receiving the content from that web page server. This data can be seen by our ISP or any other party if they intercept the data somewhere along its journey. Those other parties are the bad interlopers.

A traditional VPN creates a secure connection between your device and the internet through a single encrypted data tunnel to one of the VPN company’s special servers where it is decrypted before it’s sent to the internet. Because the data is encrypted, it can’t be read by any snooping party. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly. While legacy VPNs were okay for their day, modern technology requirements have changed how we use and protect our data – along with user expectations.

Legacy VPNs haven’t kept up: The single tunnel approach itself is an attack surface that if compromised exposes the entire network to bad actors. Throw in the scalability and cost challenges, application compatibility problems, latency and device performance overhead that result in high battery drain and reduced application performance. It’s clearly not the smart way to secure sensitive information.

Now let’s look at how the patented Mobolize Mobile Data Management Engine with advanced SmartVPN® features has overcome these challenges. Our engine provides superior security and connectivity solutions that maximize device performance and customer experience. Mobolize extends and enables solutions like ZTNA/Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices.

Mobolize advantages include:

Most secure mobile platform: Together with our security partners, our SmartVPN® provides high performance privacy, threat protection, content filtering and precise fine grain data traffic control. Our advanced handling capabilities enable threat protection, such as DNS (DoH/DoT) routing for filtering, and fine grain traffic targeting and routing from the device to enable ZTNA for access to company apps and data including support for SSL inspection. Our mobile expertise and next generation SmartVPN®, in combination with the advanced cloud-based security solutions enabled by our partners, provides the most advanced security and connectivity solutions for mobile devices.

It’s about connectivity performance too: Our Mobile Data Management Engine has connectivity enhancement features that make the mobile experience better for both our ZTNA/SASE partners and their customers. Mobolize Bond keeps the device connected for seamless Wi-Fi and cellular handoffs, and Mobolize Optimize provides data optimization for streaming video which means lower data costs and reduced buffering and stuttering of videos. Both these solutions eliminate mobile data issues that often frustrate users.

If bringing security and connectivity solutions to the mobile endpoint is your goal but meeting today’s high-level technology requirements with legacy or traditional VPNs is failing, then the Mobolize Mobile Data Management Engine is your answer. Our engine will enable you to deliver powerful next generation features for the mobile device with the highest performance and most secure mobile platform which is trusted by some of the largest security solution providers and mobile network operators in the world. Come join them.

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