Boost Mobile Enhances Data Performance and Connectivity with Upgraded Secure Wi-Fi+ Application

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By Anthony Floyd, Mobolize | Strategic Partnerships

Dish’s Boost Mobile is leading the way again. They know customer experience is key to the mobile user, which is why they offer a variety of add-on services to enhance performance. Mobolize’s Secure Wi-Fi is a popular application on the Boost network, which has been in market for nearly two years. It’s available in the Privacy Premium package and as a stand-alone application.

Boost is now offering two more features of the Mobolize Data Management Engine that will further enhance mobile phone performance and connectivity. These are included in the latest update of the Boost Secure Wi-Fiapplication.

The first added feature is Bond, which helps keeps users connected when they move between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Bond leverages the great Boost network to enhance the connected experience while on the go. Many of us connect to Wi-Fi networks at home, work, coffee shops, etc. This provides many benefits but can be frustrating when we move around and experience dead zones. This can happen when we leave a Wi-Fi network – our phone doesn’t detach as quickly as needed to maintain connectivity so we can end up with no data as we start to walk outside or drive away in a car. That’s a dead zone. Bond automatically and smoothly switches the connection to cellular so users stay connected. Always. Unobtrusively. No more dead zones.

The second is Optimize, which delivers ideal video usage to end users. It efficiently delivers streaming data so there is reduced buffering and stuttering. That means that TikTok videos don’t stop. Video games stay fast and don’t pause. Animated programs like Avatar: The Last Airbender play smoothly. And so do movies or webinars being watched on the phone. It also allows efficient use of data – right sizing videos for the mobile device.

The result is Boost improving their users’ experience on their network, which helps reduce churn. Another benefit – Boost saves on data costs for users which means Boost can better manage its network costs and provide the best pricing to their users.

That’s a win-win for Boost and their customers.

That’s smart. Boost and Mobolize smart.




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