Back to School Season – The A-B-C of Our Data Management Engine

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | CRO

It’s back to school, or la rentrée scolaire if you’re French.  It’s also back to work if you were on vacation or taking it a bit easy for the summer. Labor Day in the US is just around the corner.

We’re all back to learning new things and we wanted to review the A B Cs of our Data Management Engine

A = Access, which is security access – zero trust network access (ZTNA.) A growing need for mobile endpoint devices. A is also for Architecture. Only Mobolize has architecture designed to run the same code base across all mobile endpoint platforms, including iOS, Android and Chrome OS, but also Mac OS and Windows. The result is the fastest time to market and a parity of cross-platform user experience.

B = Block – not just content blocking capabilities but DNS routing. It means providing the highest level of protection against bad actors (another B) who try to sneak into your customers’ devices and steal data. Yet another way to be a hero and increase that customer experience.

C = Connectivity – the smart kind. With Bond and Optimization capabilities for Wi-Fi and cellular networks, the result is great connectivity which means great performance. With great performance comes great customer experience.

With the Mobolize Data Management Engine’s A B Cs, you’ll get an A+ in powerful mobile endpoint solutions that will meet your customer’s requirements not only this school year, but the next one too.

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