Talking About the Mobile Edge? We Have You Covered from All Mobile Endpoints – iOS and Android, Plus Chrome, Mac and Windows OS

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO

Working outside a dedicated company network makes endpoint devices more vulnerable to security attackers who can hack into a network using a mobile device as a malware entry point. Users can be fooled into falling for phishing attempts which have gotten very sophisticated. Techniques like thread-jacking where malware is spread by users responding within conversation threads (everyone trusts the conversation thread, right?) or AI-automated spear phishing where attacks are tailored to a specific individual or group.

Security protection for mobile needs to be available for all endpoint devices. Schools are using tablets for students and teachers, but they are also using mobile computers. Employees are working from home and will be doing so for a long time. Their devices of choice are usually the mobile computer plus a mobile phone. Some also use a tablet, especially if they are working in a mobile situation like a construction site.

The problem is bringing a company’s security protection (and even connectivity and productivity solutions) to all endpoint mobile devices. It’s complex because of all the operating platforms in use that are very different. But Mobolize provides the solution.

We have a Data Management Engine with architecture designed to run the same code base across all mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS and Windows OS. We can do this because we have spent more than 10 years (and have lots of patents) in finding the best way to use code that all the platforms accept. The result of our on-device, app-enabled technology is rapid deployment for our partners’ security solutions for all mobile endpoint devices.

That means fastest time to market and reach across any network. That means quickly being able to extend security protection to all employees using any type of mobile endpoint device. That means the best security available for enterprises now. It also means simple and easy software updates for all devices.

That’s an advantage only Mobolize brings with its Data Management Engine. That’s the advantage of being powered by Mobolize.

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