Mobile Security is Strategic for Business This Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Beyond

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO

October is  Cybersecurity Awareness Month which is a good time to re-emphasize the fact that mobile security is strategic for businesses. Not just key, but strategic. Strategic because the right mobile security can bring immediate benefits to businesses large and small.

Security that protects mobile access points is key today. It was a growing issue before the pandemic but Work from Home well . . . brought it home. Businesses of all sizes felt the impact of poor cybersecurity.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) are the #1 target according to Security Magazine. SMBs tend not to have expensive firewalls or a team of IT professionals to protect the company’s digital infrastructure. But they have employees who use mobile devices to access company data, and mobile is the key entry point for bad actors and bots who access SMB infrastructure through a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.

One reported result is that 60% of SMB companies attacked end up shutting down within a year. Shutting down because an employee was fooled to click on a link that gave a digital thief access into their data, including access to bank accounts or vital company information.

Mobolize partners with security companies with its patented, on-device Data Management Engine that intelligently manages data traffic to deliver enhanced security. Our architecture is designed to run the same code base across all mobile platforms (that’s iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac and Windows OS) which means our partners can protect all of a company’s mobile devices and keep the necessary apps current more quickly.

October is also the Scary Month because Halloween monsters are roaming around all month long. By focusing on it being Cybersecurity Awareness Month too, mobile devices will be protected and keep all monsters away, including those who want to steal data. That’s smart mobile security strategy.

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