Think You’re a Cybersecurity Expert? Take the Quiz and Find Out

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By Sam Koch, Solutions Engineer | Mobolize

Welcome to the Mobolize Cybersecurity Quiz 2022. While ocean temperatures are rising, hackers around the world are preparing for their favorite season … phishing season.

We are currently in the new era of endpoint security solutions that can help fight back. Are you up to date with the latest security trends that can keep your employees and your company-sensitive data safe? Trends like SASE, zero trust, MFA, VPN vs. SmartVPN®, DNS, Data Management Engine. We’ve put together a short quiz to test your knowledge so take it now and see how you stack up.

1. What does SASE stand for?

  1. Security Always Securing Endpoints
  2. Secure Algorithm for Safe Emailing
  3. Serverless Authentication Server Encryption
  4. Secure Access Service Edge

2. Which of the following are not part of a typical SASE offering?

  1. Zero Trust
  2. Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
  3. Wi-Fi networks
  4. SD-WAN

3. Which of the following is not a real cybersecurity threat?

  1. Imposterware
  2. Malware
  3. Ransomware
  4. Phishing

4. Which of the following is required to offer part of a Zero Trust (also known as Zero Trust Network Access ZTNA) security solution for endpoint devices?

  1. Forcing users to have a strong password
  2. Never mixing using company owned devices for personal use
  3. Using a private/incognito browser
  4. Using a cloud-connector

5. Zero Trust solutions utilize MFA to ensure access is only given to trusted and permitted users. What does MFA stand for? Multi-factor A…

  1. Activation
  2. Authentication
  3. Access
  4. Authority

6. What is the most common way to deploy a cloud-connector on endpoint devices for on-net and off-net security?

  1. Use on-premise servers only
  2. VPN with split-tunneling
  3. Configure Wi-Fi Routers
  4. VPN without split-tunneling (standard ipsec VPN)

7. Cloud-connector VPNs use split-tunneling with DNS security to achieve what security benefit?

  1. Encrypted network requests
  2. Performance improvements
  3. Internet connection
  4. Content blocking

8. DNS filtering enables content blocking from which of the following categories?

  1. Adult Content
  2. Gambling
  3. Weapons
  4. Drugs
  5. Alcohol & Tobacco
  6. All of the above

9. What are the limitations of traditional VPN tunnels?

  1. Costly to handle all network traffic on servers
  2. Difficult to scale
  3. Performance issues from endpoints (due to each request being doubly encrypted)
  4. All of the above

10. How many enterprises are expected to switch over to a ZTNA solution by 2023?

  1. 20%
  2. 50%
  3. 60%
  4. 70%
  5. 80%

How did you do? Probably pretty good, so here are a couple of bonus questions about the Mobolize Data Management Engine. Questions first, then data and answers.

11. What are the key advantages of the Mobolize Data Management Engine?

  1. Heavy, complex and expensive solution that takes a long time to integrate
  2. Only works on desktop devices
  3. Unable to protect from phishing websites
  4. Lightweight, simple and affordable solution with quick integration time, protecting all desktop + mobile devices from phishing and malware threats

12. What kind of VPN powers the Mobolize Data Management Engine?

  1. An old legacy VPN
  2. A normal place shifting VPN
  3. A Wi-Fi Router VPN
  4. A multi-patented SmartVPN®

With the Mobolize Data Management Engine, you can deliver a Zero Trust solution with DNS protection services for all your desktop (Windows, Mac, Chrome) and mobile (iOS, Android) endpoint devices.

Our engine has the unique advantage of handling all traffic on Wi-Fi and cellular, without the need for VPN servers that traditionally bring high costs, scale issues and performance issues. The lightweight yet powerful solution is powered by a single codebase and allows for a quick time to market.

The world is in the process of adopting Zero Trust solutions, and if you are just starting your journey, looking at various solutions out there. Make sure to pick the best, one that offers the best security in the most cost-effective way. Choose Mobolize.

Quiz Answers:

1 = D
2 = C
3 = A
4 = D
5 = B
6 = D
7 = D
8 = F
9 = D
10 = C
11 = D
12 = D

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