Case Studies Show Customizable Mobile Device Security for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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By JP Brocket, Mobolize | Senior Director of Product

We have blogged about how our patented Data Management Engine enables precise fine grain routing of data traffic for all mobile devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. We have looked under the hood of the engine and demonstrated how we provide a Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution for all desktop and mobile device operating systems – yes, even for iOS and Android. Mobolize provides its customers a customizable solution delivered as a fully branded application ready to use or as an SDK for integration into a partner app.

But we haven’t provided case studies about our partners because we don’t talk about them by name. Our technical software strength becomes an integral part of their security product delivery strength. That’s why we’re partners.

But it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month and we are taking a bold step to provide short case studies that show how our Data Management Engine enables a broad set of features and capabilities that power a wide range of product solutions for our partners. No partner names, the focus is enabling best-in-class endpoint and data protection for enterprise, business to business, small and medium business and consumer markets. Our partners recognize that traditional solutions such as VPNs and CASB are not good enough to meet today’s security requirements, so let’s look at a few case studies that prove it.

Advanced Protection and Access: For one of our enterprise security partners, we deliver a set of customized, branded apps that provide privacy, threat protection and secure access to enterprise systems. These include split tunnelling of encrypted DNS, proxy of risky IP/HTTP sites, encrypted micro tunnels for enterprise data with custom certificates enabling payload inspection and data loss prevention, all while allowing non-enterprise traffic to go direct to origin. Mobolize provides an enterprise-grade solution that can stay enabled all day long protecting the device and user from online threats without the usability and scaling problems of traditional company access VPNs, or the endpoint protection gap and data routing challenges CASB only solutions suffer.

Threat Protection: For one of our business and consumer focused security partners, we deliver an SDK and a set of customized, branded apps for threat protection and content filtering. Our on-device engine provides split tunnel real-time DNS-based threat protection, automatic on-net and off-net detection, end user notifications and stats for scans and blocks, all while routing all data traffic direct to origin for the highest possible performance and scalability.

Protecting and Enhancing Wi-Fi: For one of our mobile operator partners, we deliver a fully customized, branded application that automatically authenticates and provides our SmartVPN® Wi-Fi encryption with Wi-Fi/cellular bonding to improve poor performing wi-fi networks. No user login process is required along with no need to remember to turn the VPN on/off and no frustrating data disruptions when Wi-Fi is not working well when moving between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Our partners are always cybersecurity aware and bring the best solutions to their customers. These case histories are just some of our stories about how our Data Management Engine delivers the right solutions our partners need now and for the future.

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