It’s Proven – Users Like Mobolize Connectivity and Security

Mobolize’s on-device Data Traffic Management Engine is installed on over 12 million Android and iPhone mobile devices throughout the world. We’ve tested the features and benefits of our solutions in a variety of consumer market trials and research independently and with our partners.

The results – users not only like and use Mobolize solutions offered but the solutions increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which increases Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). The network engine automatically better balances Wi-Fi and cellular usage by making Wi-Fi connections secure and reliable. Again, users want connectivity and security when mobile and reward their mobile operators with loyalty when that’s delivered.

Here are some stats from our trials*:

  • 90% of users experienced connectivity and performance improvements when using Bond.
  • Close to half of users reported reduced interruptions, freezing, buffering or page failures when using Bond.
  • 53% of users said their opinion of their service provider would improve if Bond service were offered. 47% said their good opinion of their service provider would not change.
  • A benefit to users on restricted data plans, use of Bond resulted in a 70% decrease in cellular usage while overall Wi-Fi usage increased between 60% to 150%.
  • Using Bond helped boost or improve Wi-Fi usage by over 20%.


*Survey results are from 2019 Mobolize and partner market trials and research.

Keep Mobile Users Connected and Protected

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