Mobile Users Benefit from Mobolize Connectivity, Security & Protection

Mobolize’s on-device Data Management Engine and solutions allow service and technology providers to enhance and extend their products by allowing them to deliver what is needed to meet the requirements of today’s mobile marketplace while also providing better performance and capabilities. Our engine and solutions are installed on millions of Android and iPhone mobile devices, and now Chromebooks.

The results – our partners provide needed benefits on a variety of levels of mobile security and connectivity to their customers as recognized critical benefits. Our solutions have been proven to also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to our partners and their products.

  • High level DNS mobile security is being requested by enterprises to help secure mobile users that have access to enterprise networks
  • Consumers are choosing mobile security at a higher level as they recognize the danger of mobile hackers who can steal their data
  • 53% of users said their opinion of their service provider improves if Bond service were offered*
  • 90% of users experienced connectivity and performance improvements when using Bond*

*Survey results are from 2019 Mobolize and partner market trials and research.