Mobolize Excels in Managing Data Traffic on the Mobile Device

The Device is the Best Place to Manage Mobile Connectivity and Security

Mobile devices are being used more than ever with a new focus on Work from Home and Learn from Home. This focus is in addition to the already growing use of mobile devices for video downloads (video was already 78% of mobile traffic in 2019) and desire to stay connected all the time.

These changes in usage mean that being mobile is no longer just checking emails at the coffeeshop or managing business reports in a hotel room. It’s employees working full time at home using both a computer and mobile devices to connect to enterprise or cloud-based networks. It’s students doing homework on a Chromebook or iPad and responding to their teacher’s or other student’s messages on their home or school district network.

The move to mobile also means that mobile performance is critical to enterprises, the education arena and consumers.

  • Maintaining connectivity has become important as homes and other locations have cellular/Wi-Fi dead zones of lost connectivity
  • Security is critical because enterprises, home schoolers and general consumers are at risk of increased malware and phishing attacks that make them susceptible to fraudulent and dangerous actions that can compromise enterprise and personal accounts

That means that mobile devices are the new defensive perimeter. Service and technology providers need to meet the new requirements of bringing their services to mobile with the highest level of technology that can transform their products to meet the challenges and requirements of the mobile market.

The Mobolize Solution – A Patented, On-Device Data Management Engine

Mobolize enables service and technology providers to deliver security, connectivity and optimization solutions to mobile devices. Our Data Management Engine allows mobile operators to offer value-added services and technology providers to extend their connectivity and security (even cloud-based) services to the growing mobile marketplace.

Our patented, on-device Data Management Engine reaches deep in the data layers on the device so it automatically understands the type of data it is dealing with and can smartly manage it. The engine not only delivers an enhanced data experience but optimal device performance. And it’s only available from Mobolize.

The result – the best possible mobile connectivity creating a one network experience

  • Our “bonding” seamlessly manages Wi-Fi and cellular to eliminate dead zones
  • Optimization, with adaptive bitrate control, allows users to experience up to 80% more video without impacting cost or performance, allowing MVNOs to offer the features of “more for less” to their customers
  • Proven connectivity and performance improvements of up to 90%

The result – most comprehensive mobile security with complete network coverage

  • Our on-device engine examines, encrypts and blocks activity from any network or website – across any network and supports cloud security
  • Apps aren’t double encrypted which can restrict access to membership sites, so they are available to the user and with minimal battery impact
  • Top mobile security vendors are integrating our software into their solutions for enterprise, education and consumer markets

The result – delivers value-added mobile solutions for our partners

  • Increases revenue
  • Delivers competitive differentiation