Mobolize Excels in Managing Data Traffic on the Mobile Device

The Device is the Best Place to Manage Mobile Connectivity and Security

Today’s mobile user spends 70%+ of their time on Wi-Fi and considers data connectivity and security to be critical. In fact:

  • Video accounted for 78% of mobile data traffic in 2019 – look for growth in 2020 as users increasingly prefer live video, even in advertisements
  • Security apps are becoming key throughout the world with half a million downloaded in 2019 alone

This means mobile data performance – connectivity and security – are critical. The headlines tout new technologies, but the reality is we’re not there yet.

Cellular: often provides a slow network and poor signal coverage and, with increased video usage, data throttling is typical

Wi-Fi: dead zones are common between Wi-Fi and cellular networks and roaming is restricted

Security: smartphones aren’t so smart about security as they have no ability to fully defend against mobile network cyber threats

New technologies: 5G and Wi-Fi 6 don’t fix Wi-Fi connectivity and security problems and 5G requires high-performance Wi-Fi for full connectivity coverage

Wi-Fi will always be key to connectivity: Wi-Fi and cellular must be quickly bonded to maintain high levels of intelligent connectivity that 5G promises, and it will remain working side-by-side with all current cellular networks even as we move to 5G

The Mobolize Solution – A Patented, On-Device Data Traffic Management Engine

The solution for managing connectivity and security is available on the phone now.

Our patented on-device Data Traffic Management Engine solves today’s issues of maintaining cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile security by improving the network experience and coverage. By being on the device, it automatically sees, controls and manages cellular and Wi-Fi mobile data simultaneously. And it is only available from Mobolize.

The result – the best possible mobile connectivity creating a one network experience

  • Our “bonding” seamlessly combines Wi-Fi and cellular into a single network
  • Reduces network congestion by up to 80% across all apps and video services
  • Proven connectivity and performance improvements of up to 90%

The result – most comprehensive mobile security with complete network coverage

  • Our on-device Engine examines, encrypts and blocks activity from any app or website – across any network
  • It’s done without double-encryption of sites so all are available to the user and with minimal battery impact
  • Top mobile security vendors are integrating our software into their solutions

Keep Mobile Users Connected and Protected

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