Smart Security Strategies for Mobile Devices Start on the Mobile Device Itself

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO, Co-Founder

Mobile security is more important now than ever. Industry reports indicate that the growth of work from home and distance learning has increased the use of mobile devices in business and education.

That change in usage means that mobile is no longer just the person checking emails at the coffeeshop or managing business reports in a hotel room. It’s an employee working full time at home using both a computer and mobile devices to connect to enterprise or cloud-based networks. It’s a student doing homework on a Chromebook or iPad and responding to their teacher’s or other student’s messages on the school district network.

These changing connections mean our mobile devices can act as an open door for cyber-criminals. In addition, most workers, teachers and students are unaware or untrained on how to recognize cyber threats. This situation makes endpoint security on mobile devices critical now.

Security technology providers need to understand the recent changes in the industry, and many do. Here are some of the current industry report findings from CIO Dive that underline the urgency.

  • Akamai found a 40% increase in internet services consumption over enterprise-connected devices, showing that employees are accessing network applications more frequently. Its research also showed a 400% increase in traffic to websites associated to malware.
  • Netskope Security Cloud reported that nearly two-thirds of malware was delivered via the cloud compared to traditional web malware, and most of the cloud-based applications targeted included business applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint, plus Google Drive which is commonly used by educators.
  • From January to June 2020, Mimecast found malware-centric campaigns were the dominant cyberattack in the US. Malware spreads through content, devices, open network ports and Wi-Fi.
  • Code42 observed a three-fold increase in phishing attacks since the pandemic hit, making employees susceptible to fraudulent and potentially dangerous emails that can compromise passwords to enterprises, along with personal accounts.

Mobile devices are the new defensive perimeter for enterprises, including education. Technology providers need to provide security on mobile devices with a mobile-centric zero-trust approach, but the challenge is to do it with the highest level of mobile security now.

Highest level means the ability to have security on the device itself that can block data on the phone. That manages and secures all mobile traffic, including any partner cloud security solutions. That is easily deployed and centrally managed for both Mobile Device Management (MDM) administration of mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD.) That is compatible with all apps and browsers, including video services and LAN access.

That leading solution is the Mobolize Data Traffic Management Engine that enables technology providers to extend their cloud security and connectivity solutions for both business and consumer to mobile. Our patented technology is already deployed on iOS, Android and Chrome operating systems and can be delivered as a white-labeled app for custom branding or an SDK.

Our engine is resident deep into the network software layers of the mobile device software. This allows our SmartVPN® to recognize data and manage it appropriately. It automatically secures data over Wi-Fi with secure HTTP routing and doesn’t break VPN sensitive apps or drain batteries. We call that Mobolize smart.

Working with our partners, the engine supports configurable modules that can block malware and phishing and provides full IP protection including DNS privacy and content filtering.

It’s time for a transformative defensive strategy to provide protection to enterprises and education systems on mobile devices that are the new pathway for cyber criminals. Don’t make it easy for the cyber criminals. The right strategy on the mobile device is with the right Data Traffic Management Engine that delivers easy solutions so the good technology providers can deliver smart mobile security.

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