Be Connected and Secure at the Real Edge – The Mobile Device

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO and Co-Founder

There is a lot of discussion about “edge computing” in the industry and the need for strong connectivity and security at the edge. Gartner defines edge computing as “a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge – where things and people produce or consume that information.” What does this mean to the user?

The real edge for the mobile user is the mobile device – their phone and tablet. The edge is in our hands as we move around the home (which is often now our office or classroom) and all the places for work, errands or just to take a break.

Mobile devices are often connected to company networks through Wi-Fi where they benefit from the security programs provided by employers. In today’s Work from Home world, employees aren’t always on the company network. Employees mobile devices at home are on either their subscriber network or their home Wi-Fi. Also, work is often done on mobile devices at coffee shops and while roaming when traveling. It is even done while walking the dog around the block or to the park, or while taking a run because the gym isn’t open. Plus, our children are learning from home, not at school, and are using tablets on home networks because of distance learning guidelines.

Mobolize recognizes the mobile device as the real “edge” and provides features to make using the mobile device safer and better connected.

Connectivity at the mobile edge is especially key as dead zones where users have no or poor connectivity can create challenges for remote working and learning. The modem in the office/learning space must have good network connectivity but must also have reliable connectivity throughout the home as we all walk around with mobile device in hand. And when users move away from home and leave their Wi-Fi networks, maintaining reliable connectivity as they transition from Wi-Fi to cellular also is important.

To improve connectivity, we provide the ability to use both the network radios on each mobile edge device to overcome dead zones by seamlessly switching between Wi-Fi and cellular to maintain the best connection.

Security also is key at the edge on mobile devices. By connecting more often from home and away from home, mobile devices are more frequently being used for consumer-based activities and apps such as streaming, gaming and social networking. That change in habits has led to mobile devices being exposed and vulnerable to security threats.

The best defensive strategy starts on mobile edge themselves. At the real edge: on the mobile device. Not just in the cloud, not just at the edge of a network. The mobile device needs to be the center of the strategy for better security.

We like to think that Mobolize, with our Data Management Engine that is resident on the device itself, expands our partners’ product portfolio to provide a reliable, connected and safe edge. Several products have been introduced recently and more will soon be available to meet today’s challenges in the mobile edge marketplace.

The mobile device is the real edge – you can’t get any edgier than that.

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