Re-defining Mobile Security

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO

As I was packing to go on an extended trip after the stay-at-home conditions of Covid, I was reminded that we all now rely heavily on multiple “mobile” platforms for both work and play. Mobile now means not only my smartphone but my tablet and portable computer. With today’s work force spending more time at home or remote worksites, all these mobile devices are now so much more important.

For security companies, that has complicated the security arena because there are many more ways hackers can gain access to and attack enterprise or small business networks. I’m a perfect example because I, like most every mobile device owner, use these devices often for both company and personal business. This provides multiple security risk points including apps, social media sites, search engines and more.

Mobile devices provide a wide-open target with many pathways for bad actors to gain access to company and personal data. That is why we at Mobolize have extended our software solution, a Data Management Engine, to all devices that can be used while mobile.

Importantly, we offer our mobile data engine across all operating systems including Apple iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows OS and Chrome OS. For our customers wanting to provide their security services, our code base is the same across all platforms, making integration and on-going product support so much easier.

We have spent 10 years developing on-device data management technology and continue to develop it with our very experienced, expert team of engineers. Our expertise allows us to enable on-device mobile security for our partners, plus connectivity benefits like data optimization and Wi-Fi/cellular bonding. Our Data Management Engine turbocharges managing data traffic on any mobile device so our partners can meet today’s needed requirements for mobile security. Now.

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