Winning the Customer Experience Battle on Mobile Devices Takes an Engine

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By Anthony Floyd, Mobolize | Director of Strategic Partnerships

If you are currently in the UK while reading this then you are likely joined by 46 million other people that are also online, the majority of which are on a mobile phone.

According to 2019 OFCOM statistics, 81% of the time Brits spent online was done via a smartphone, and 65% of this was on Wi-Fi networks (Statista). Perhaps more surprisingly, 98% of all 45 million active social media users in the UK log-in via their mobile device. (Datareportal)

The mobile device is the most important means of connecting to the online social media and content we love, and this brings important challenges for the mobile service providers.

According to a 2020 Frost & Sullivan study, customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. In their “Future of CX” report, PWC surveyed 15,000 customers and found that one in three will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% would completely abandon a brand after two or three negative experiences.

This is perhaps why the data experience for any mobile user is now the most important battle ground on which operators must compete and differentiate.

Customers are exposed to two primary data experience threats, connectivity interruptions and security/privacy intrusions.

Mobile networks are, in the main, hugely secure if you are connected to them. But when you are on Wi-Fi – especially public Wi-Fi – you are exposed.

Similarly, millions are spent delivering high performance cellular and fiber networks, but when 65% of the time mobile customers are on third party Wi-Fi networks, it’s impossible to ensure connection quality.

Moving from cellular to Wi-Fi is another cause of connectivity interruption and frustration for users. No doubt you’ve had to turn off the Wi-Fi radio on your phone to be released from unresponsive Wi-Fi.

So how can an operator deliver the best mobile data experience?

Mobolize’s Data Management Engine intelligently manages data traffic on any mobile device which enables our partner’s mobile solutions to meet current and future endpoint requirements. Smartly addressing security and connectivity needs at the mobile edge create a strategic differentiator to better protect and engage with customers.

Satisfaction survey results with our partners speak for themselves.

  • Nearly 60% of users reported a reduction in data interruptions and an improvement in Wi-Fi
  • When asked how their opinion of their provider would change if inclusion of these features were added to their mobile data plan, over 55% stated it would improve their brand opinion
  • Over half of users tangibly noticed a better transition from Wi-Fi to cellular

That’s powered by Mobolize.

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