Attention Corporate Security – Here’s How to Smartly Manage Remote Workers’ Mobile Devices

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By Sam Koch, Mobolize | Solutions Engineer

You’re head of Corporate Security for a small, medium, even large enterprise. You have a problem.  

The number of people working remotely has increased increased by 140% since 2005, most recently accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has created a massive struggle for organizations as they attempt to manage remote workers’ use of phones and other mobile devices. Struggles like these.

Corporate/personal mobile device blur 

Many workers use their personal devices for work for apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, or corporate applications and data. That means the line between personal and professional life has become blurred, creating security gaps and risks for organizations. According to CISCO’s report, 52% of respondents said that mobile devices are a major challenge when it comes to cyber security. This is partly due to the wide range of devices, operating platforms and managed/unmanaged configurations that security teams must fight to protect. 

Phishing attacks on the rise 

Phishing emails are another major threat facing remote workers. There has been a  600% increase in reported phishing emails since the end of February 2021. People are fooled by these emails into handing over private information or downloading a malicious attachment containing a keylogger. 

Work From Home workers are tired and distracted 

There’s a lot of things to balance while working from home. For example, an employee is on a video callwhen they hear the doorbell ring. It’s the Amazon delivery driver with the latest impulse purchase so the employee goes to the door with headphones on to collect the parcel.  

That is just one of the many distractions workers have during a workday, on top of dealing with housework, spouses, children and other life events – all of which take time and energy. 

 A  Society of Human Resources Management study  reported that 35% of workers said they felt tired or lacked energy while working from home.  

What does that mean for corporate security? 

Tired and distracted workers are more liable to make careless errors which should be a worry for organizations. This makes workers become less attentive to the small details, whether that is rushing an email and sending it to the wrong person, filing a confidential document in the wrong place or accidentally clicking a link they should have checked first! 

Solution: Data Management Engine delivers intelligent solutions to mobile devices 

At Mobolize, we’ve spent years developing our patented Data Management Engine that intelligently manages data traffic on any mobile device to address security and connectivity needs. Because the Data Management Engine can smartly manage traffic on-device, our partners use it to extend their mobile solutions to meet today’s WFH issues.

Need some Data Management Engine benefits?

  • Works across all mobile and desktop platforms – iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS and Windows OS
  • SmartVPN® doesn’t break VPN sensitive apps or drain batteries
  • Avoids firewall configurations and improves latency
  • Offers Zero-Trust security to keep workers’ and enterprise applications and data safe
  • Can be configured for managed (MDM) and unmanaged (BYOB) devices 

So, head of Corporate Security, no longer do you need to worry about phishing scams or tired or distracted workers. Once Mobolize’s Data Management Engine is deployed within your company’s security solutions, you can be safe in the knowledge that Mobolize is helping you keep every device and everyone secure. 

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