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Our Data Management Engine
enables your solutions to meet today’s & tomorrow’s demands for mobile

We Deliver Your Mobile Needs at the Endpoint

ZTNA enablement
Secure web gateway support
DNS routing
Wi-Fi security
Wi-Fi/cellular bonding
Block capabilities
Streaming optimization

Our Mobile Innovation Starts Here

Our Data Management Engine is the core platform that handles network traffic on the mobile device to enable and extend partner security and connectivity solutions.

Result: cost-effective on-device data traffic management that delivers the best mobile solutions together with our partners.

Deliver Superior Mobile Performance

Partners can deliver the best mobile performance and security that meets their policy-based requirements.

Delivered as a private-label app or SDK
Available for iOS, Android and Chrome OS
Works across Wi-Fi and cellular
Works with all apps and browsers

How the Data Management Engine Works

Deployed on the mobile device, our patented Data Management Engine intelligently manages data traffic to deliver enhanced security and connectivity with optimal device performance and user experience.

  • The engine’s on-device, app-enabled technology allows for rapid deployment and reach across any network
  • Provides a rich set of configurable capabilities as defined by our partners
  • Mobolize or partner management console delivers authentication, centralized policy and reporting

Security and Connectivity

Our Data Management Engine turbocharges mobile security and connectivity solutions. Find out more about the functionality offered by the Data Management Engine and how it works.

Check out Mobolize Solution Use Cases

From Mobile Security to Wi-Fi and Cellular Bonding to Data Optimization

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Mobile Security

Traditional VPNs offered by other vendors aren’t user friendly or smart. They quickly drain battery power and break apps – meaning Netflix (and other apps) can’t be watched. Mobolize’s SmartVPN® easily solves these problems with smarter Wi-Fi security, resulting in improved performance and greatly reduced frustration.

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Mobile Connectivity

The handoff to cellular is often prevented or blocked at the edge of Wi-Fi networks because the mobile device hangs onto a Wi-Fi network even though it is not functioning. That’s a dead zone. The way out is on the device itself, with a seamless, smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections. Results are a better mobile experience.

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Mobile Optimization

Maximizing data use and performance is the gold currency for mobile operators and subscribers alike. Whether managing data plan costs or Roaming plans, on-device optimization techniques make both users and operators happy.

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