2020 is the Year to Keep Mobile Users Connected and Protected

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By Philip Mustain, CEO, Co-Founder | Mobolize

Look at your smartphone. What do you see?

It’s your path to interact with friends, family and co-workers. It’s also the place to shop and pay for all those things with online payments and where you can even manage your bank account. It’s where you’re entertained by videos, movies, gifs, games and apps. It provides the navigation path to unknown and sometimes even known locations. It’s your line to breaking news. It’s how you communicate via text, video and email. And, more and more, it’s where you work when you’re on the go. When you’re mobile and not in your real or virtual office.

What do I see? Because of how vital our mobile phones are, I see a device that must maintain connectivity when users are mobile. For example, 78% of video is viewed on smartphones.

I also see a device that requires secure connections because even though banking apps are secure, the banking and other personal data stored on your phone isn’t. The bad guys know the many ways into your phone to steal your information.

Let’s look at some mobile device shopping facts.

  • 40% of online transactions are done using a mobile device
  • 80% of users used a mobile device to search the internet in 2019
  • Special sales aside, today more than 3/4 of shoppers use their mobile device to buy while three out of four teens regularly make online purchases.

All that shopping is a wide-open opportunity for hackers to steal credit card numbers and security passwords. With that information, they can potentially buy products or empty out your bank account.

Staying connected is important too. More facts:

  • Staying connected is key to most users and if it’s a bad experience, you’ll switch mobile operators.
  • Wi-Fi dead zones are common as we walk between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. They result in lost, slow or static connections. It happens to every mobile user.

Staying connected and protected is key to smart phone users in 2020. Mobolize is uniquely suited to keep mobile users connected and protected because it uses a patented on-device Data Traffic Management Engine that provides connectivity and security solutions right on the smartphone where all the action happens.

The smartphone is where these solutions belong. With Mobolize, users experience real Wi-Fi security because it starts on the phone. That means the onramp to the network is now secure starting from the phone in your hand. Netflix will continue to recognize you as a paid subscriber and give access to your favorite shows. Plus, your battery doesn’t get used up faster because security is used as needed.

The Data Traffic Management Engine also keeps you connected better because it constantly reads the Wi-Fi and cellular radios on your phone and chooses which one has the best connection. Our product trials for both Mobolize and Tier-1 carriers have resulted in 90% of trial users experiencing connectivity and performance improvements.

No other connectivity and security solutions in the industry can do what Mobolize does. It’s the only solution on the phone using a Data Traffic Management Engine that quickly and efficiently solves today’s mobile connectivity and security problems. Users stay connected and protected and performance is increased, which are key to the mobile user of 2020.


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