Ways MobileTech Offers Work from Home Connectivity & Security Benefits that Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO, Co-Founder

The current COVID19 situation emphasized the need for smart on-device security and connectivity. When Work From Home (WFH) became required by most companies as part of a shelter-in-place policy, employees used computers at home to join team meetings online but they also still used their mobile devices, especially smartphones.

Starting in March, our data showed that Wi-Fi usage more than doubled when many of us began WFH. This showed how important mobile devices are to all of us.

An article in Entrepreneur Magazine about security risks working from home included information on mobile: “… Mobile … is the most pervasive and ubiquitous platform in our personal lives. Employees who have to learn new devices and applications will turn to their phones even more than usual because they feel familiar.”

While Wi-Fi security is a key concern, connectivity is too. Homes are full of dead zones where the Wi-Fi coverage can be poor to non-existent. One reason – connected devices, including smartphones, don’t allow a mix of Wi-Fi and cellular use to get the best reception.

This impact of poor mobile connectivity and security on WFH is actually an opportunity for network operators to improve customer loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value. Here are three ways Mobolize’s on-device Data Management Engine can help improve a mobile user’s network experience (⬆️satisfaction and loyalty) regarding connectivity and security while working from home.

  • Provide a SmartVPN® that outsmarts hackers without impacting site access or device battery usage

VPNs are the preferred tool for mobile security, but traditional VPNs encrypt every link and use a lot of battery power since they’re always on. Mobolize’s Secure enabled by our SmartVPN® only encrypts what is unencrypted and turns on only when needed, eliminating those two problems. Advantage: maximum mobile device performance and security with no downsides.

  • Create a united network experience with the best possible mobile connectivity

Mobile phones hold onto Wi-Fi networks even when the connection is bad or out of range. Mobolize’s bonding technology provides the ability to seamlessly move between Wi-Fi and cellular networks so the phone can stay connected to the strongest signal in every room in the house. The results: 90% of users experienced connectivity and performance improvements and close to half self-reported reduced interruptions, freezing, buffering or page failures. Advantage: almost 60% of users said their opinion of their service provider would improve with this service.

Mobolize’s Data Management Engine is the only solution located on the device and provides mobile security and connectivity advantages that can be a strong influencer in maintaining customer loyalty in this new WFH environment.

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