Akamai’s ETP Mobile Client is Powered by Mobolize

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | CRO

Mobolize with its on-device Data Management Engine powers our partners’ mobile security solutions. We enable and extend our partners’ security solutions like Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to mobile devices, a market which is becoming increasingly important for all users especially in the enterprise market. As a private label business, it’s our partners’ brands that their customers see – not Mobolize. But occasionally we get recognition, and we’ll take it.

Akamai recently posted a blog that discusses how, for security teams, meeting mobility requirements comes with a challenge. They pose the issue, “How do you ensure consistent security irrespective of the device or where an employee uses it at home, in the workplace, or at the local coffee shop? Add to that mix the complexity of employee-owned devices, and security becomes even more daunting.”

Akamai’s answer is to expand their Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) to mobile devices so companies have a “simple but effective way to apply a consistent security policy” for all the different ways employees connect to company networks and resources.

How does this happen? By using Mobolize’s advanced on-device engine, ETP can simply and effectively extend protection to iOS, Android and Chromebook devices. In fact, as Akamai says, “Akamai’s ETP mobile clients are powered by Mobolize’s Data Management Engine with SmartVPN®, a proven technology that powers millions of devices with enhanced mobile security and connectivity while minimizing power consumption and memory footprint.”

Powered by Mobolize. That’s smart. Akamai and Mobolize smart.

Read the Akamai blog here.

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