Mobolize Chosen by Google Cloud to Enable Zero Trust Security From Mobile Devices

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | Chief Revenue Officer

Our last blog of 2021 forcast better mobile device performance for zero trust in the year ahead, and it’s becoming reality. Today, we announced that Mobolize was chosen by Google to bring their zero trust security to mobile devices.

Google will use Mobolize’s patented, on-device Data Management Engine and SmartVPN® to enable the power of its zero trust security on the modern definition of mobile devices – not just phones, but laptops and tablets too. We are working with BeyondCorp Enterprise which is Google’s zero trust platform that allows enterprises to enable employees to work from anywhere with access to applications in the cloud or on-premises.

Google has a well-recognized leadership position in technology and pioneered zero trust implementation into its own corporate infrastructure. For Mobolize, this announcement is further evidence of our unique position and the performance of the Data Management Engine. Philip Mustain, Mobolize’s CEO and Co-Founder has said that Google recognized that delivering zero trust to a wide range of mobile devices “requires deep mobile expertise.” And that Mobolize has more than 10 years of mobile and computer technology focus. We are well positioned to enable Google to be a market differentiator and leader in bringing zero trust security to the mobile endpoint.

Our Data Management Engine and SmartVPN® technology has proven itself with a variety of partners. The need to bring zero trust to mobile device endpoints is growing due to the trend for workforces to be mobile and, thus, outside the enterprise network’s perimeters. But it’s not easy to manage zero trust to all mobile devices. As Forrester Research reported in a recent zero trust report, “…this means securing end users who are now working remotely as well as fixing the anomalies configuration issues that this new model revealed.”

The Data Management Engine is designed to fix some of the “anomalies configuration issues.” It uses a common-code for all endpoint operating systems. That means the enterprise can have continuity of their security platform across all endpoints. No extra programming to communicate to each device and bring them all together under the enterprise. Easy communicating is already done including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome operating systems running on phones, laptops and tablets.

Another advantage is that our SmartVPN® enables precision routing of data traffic, including network inspection and classification, content blocking and performance acceleration.

Importantly, Google chose Mobolize because of our ability to efficiently meet Google’s market requirements. Google is an engineering-driven, smart technology company and their engineers recognized that Mobolize had solved the complexity of building high-performance software across multiple OS platforms. Our expertise and the easy adoption of Mobolize’s technology will provide a competitive platform for Google.

That’s Google smart. Powered by Mobolize.

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